Your Opinion Does Not Matter

One of the most important concepts in mental health is finding your voice. In so many ways, a child’s voice is squelched by an imposing parent or because they are made to think that they do not matter. CoupleDumb firmly believes that everyone matters. However, one thing is to find your voice and be confident in sharing what matters to you. The other is to share your judgments and opinions as if they were messages from God Himself.

You matter but not your opinion

The next rule may sound offensive but we ask that you not judge until you finish reading it.

Your opinion does not matter

That is a harsh concept that may offend some who spend their entire internet existence sharing their opinion wherever they see a comment prompt. The reality is that your opinion matters when it forwards a conversation. Ask yourself the following questions before you feel the need to write a comment or editorial based on your judgment.

1. Does it forward the conversation? If you are disagreeing but not adding anything to the topic or sharing something that may not be known, keep it to yourself.

2. Is it an attack on someone? If you are not just disagreeing but sharing your judgment of a person then keep it to yourself since it violates rule #1 (Be human).

3. Has this opinion been shared before and if so, why do you need to repeat what someone else has already shared?

4. What is the purpose of your communication? If you answer this with, ‘I want to share my opinion’, then refer to the rule.

If I write my essay and it is full of judgement then I do not share it. If you have any doubt about whether to share or not, then don’t.

Come back tomorrow for more rules.

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