‘You say Tomato, I say shut Up: A love story’ Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn

You talkin' to me?

First thing Annabelle Gurwitch said to us was ‘You know we’re just kidding, right?’ After listening to her read from the book, along with some back story and other funny bits, it seemed that Annabelle and Jeff were really the anti-CoupleDumb; a married couple who couldn’t agree on anything who wrote in a he said/she said manner. However, reading the book, you realize, the book really is a love story.

The book is funny. Not funny ‘ha ha’ but ‘call out from the bathroom and read it out loud to your spouse through your own giggles’ funny. They intersperse some really humorous stories with their understanding of the others behavior. Funny bits of note would be the chapter ’Back to the Pussy’ where Jeff explains his quest to return to a normal sex life post child and Annabelle explains how delusional Jeff is. She’s a busy woman and Jeff is just going to need to take a number. Favorite thing she said during the book signing we attended is that ’I always dreamed of having it all; marriage, kids and a career. What that really means is that you are doing it all.’ So true.

Annabelle’s cynical humor calls for couples to let go of the idea of happily ever after and settle for ever after. Any happily is really a bonus. Whereas Jeff is the romantic who longs for Annabelle to buy him a gift or a card or just let him into her pants. He’s not that picky. The chapter where they discuss their take on their son and sports had us looking at each other and nodding knowingly. In our case, Lee is the one who gets chucked out of games whereas Paul critiques the concession stand and wonders if his wife will be arrested this season.

The most poignant part of the book is when they discuss their son who was born with V A C T E R L which is a rare series of birth defects. As parents of a special needs child whose first year was touch and go and everyday presented a new set of ’Oh shit now what do we dos’, we related. The humor is what gets you through and this is exactly what Annabelle and Jeff give back to their readers. Their descriptions were honest, raw and peppered with the absurdity of the things you find yourself saying or doing when your little bundle of joy is sick, hurting or just plain different.

We rarely review books here but this was one that we would recommend to any of our readers. Annabelle and Jeff have found the funny in the miserable and the wonderful in the depressing. After reading the book we realized they aren’t the anti-CoupleDumb, just a couple with a wicked sense of humor and a funny way of showing love.

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  • Can’t believe I missed the reading. Victoria had given me the dates of the tour when she sent the book to review. It truly is a wonderful read and I love their transparency. I laughed with them, I cried with them and in the end I felt like I had found friends.

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