You Can’t Mess With My Chi

There is a certain mantra we have been repeating to ourselves for a while that we only recently started to say out loud. This mantra is very powerful and should only be repeated if you are willing to live an intentional life where you create meaning and commit yourself to being happy.

Control you Chi

Here is the mantra:


If you are ready to take on this mantra, you must be ready to do the following:

  1. You are ready to make decisions about the circumstances in your life that interfere with your ability to create flow.
  2. You are willing to make decisions regarding the people in your life who interfere with your ability to create flow.
  3. You are willing to say goodbye to stress and anxiety and embrace creating meaning and trusting that what comes into your life is an opportunity.
  4. You are willing to say goodbye to the people who create chaos and instability in your life thus disrupting your flow.
  5. You are willing to set boundaries with people, places and circumstances that do not regard you with love and respect.
  6. You are willing to be your own priority. Yes, your family is very important but unless you put your own mask on first, you can care for your family.
  7. You are willing to be honest with your needs and wants.
  8. You are willing to be honest with yourself about the differences between a need and want.
  9. You are willing to work for your goals and see obstacles as simply an opportunity to try another tactic.

10. You are willing to let go of goals that no longer serve you or maximize your flow and chi.

People and situations will mess with you; that is a given. It is up to you to decide if you will allow them to interfere with your ability to be happy. If they do, it is your choice to let them continue to rule your life or not.

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