You can have a “date night” tonight!

    Our favorite way to relax is settling in with a good movie or watching our favorite show on TV. Unfortunately, our schedules don’t usually coincide with when our shows are aired and a trip to a movie theater is expensive and limited because of the kids.  This is why couples need to do their homework and have a backup plan for their entertainment. In the old days, that meant sitting with a TV guide and a VCR. Today, we have DVRs and ON Demand so we never miss our favorite shows or movies. We don’t need to worry when our cable company has On Demand when we want it and need it!

Joining you on a date

For example, we love Sci Fi and most of our favorite shows are sci-fi fantasy shows. Our newest favorites are Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human on Fox. However, Mondays are horrible days for us what with starting up the week and the kid’s homework. We simply go to the On Demand channel and scroll down to Fox and watch our shows when we want to! The best part is that we watch them with limited interruptions and can watch several in one night! If they aren’t available On Demand, we simply go to the website and watch them on-line. Companies like Time Warner Cable and Time Warner Internet are making stay at home date nights easy and affordable.

We know you know all about this stuff. We know you know about date nights and the importance of spending time alone. However, the pressure we are putting on a date night away from the kids and home is ridiculous and not always feasible with reality. A regular date night where you get a baby sitter and go to dinner and a movie can run a couple more than $200! This is why we urge you to simplify. Make a date night tonight. Get the kids to bed early. Snuggle up on the couch with your spouse and a nice glass of wine and watch your favorite show or movie. There is no need to go out and spend a lot of money. You can have a “date night” tonight!

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