You Are Not A Cow So Stop Worrying

The other day we introduced you to how damaging rumination can be. Rumination comes from ruminants. Ruminants are mammals that extract nutrients from plants through fermentation. This is done by chewing, regurgitating and chewing on plants all day long. Yes, rumination is chewing on cud (vomit). It is quite apropos actually. The obsessive nature of thinking the same thoughts and allowing irrational results become the basis for more worrying. Thus, thought begets crazy result which then begets more thoughts about results that you created in the first place. Ultimately, the term is more than appropriate.

You are not a cow

This begs the question, are you a cow? No, you are a human being. To stay mentally healthy, human beings must work at being free of these thoughts. Our suggestion? Remember, you are not a cow.

We are including some lovely images so that you can print them and tape them on your bathroom mirror, desk at work, bedroom ceiling, refrigerator door and wherever you tend to let those thoughts get away from you.

You are welcome!

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