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I remember sitting on my Mom’s huge bed and going through her old photos and slides. At night, we would close the shades and Dad would set up the projector in the kitchen so we could watch old movies. Sometimes, the projector would fail and a piece of film would be ruined. Fast forward to the 90’s and for our parent’s anniversary, we gave them the best gift- we transferred their old movies to VHS. They were over the moon. Today, they sit there gathering dust. Thanks to Yes Video, not only are we getting them transferred to DVD we can access them with the new iPad App.

Relive your memories

Yes Video, who are committed to preserving memories, has launched a new iPad App that allows you to watch your transferred videos right on your device and take snap shots of these memories so you can share them all over social media or just an email to your sister. This is the coolest thing ever. Now I can see my parents get married or watch my own wedding followed by the embarrassing videos of me when I was a pre-teen all from my computer.

I know what you are thinking, this is probably very expensive and who has the money for this? Actually, it is very reasonable and the ability to have these memories right at your fingertips is priceless. But you are in luck because CoupleDumb is giving away a 50.00 gift certificate to Yes Video! This is your opportunity to not only preserve those memories but share them with family and friends.

Contest: Win 50.00 Gift Certificate to Yes Video- Contest ends on July 31.

Simple entry: Go to Yes Video and check out their new I Pad App and leave us a comment telling us what movies you would convert with Yes Video.

Additional Entry: Follow Yes Video on Twitter. Leave a comment below.

Additional Entry: Tweet the following:

@YesVideo is giving away 50. GC so I can have my movie memories at the tip of my fingers with their I-Pad App. #RememberWhen @CoupleDumb

And then leave the url of the tweet in the comments.

Try following them on Facebook and on Instagram.

Thanks to Yes Video for compensating us for this post. We love these guys and their service is the best.


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