Yes, It Is Work.

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It is Thursday of hell week. Wait, it’s not hell week. It is Free For All week. Isn’t that the same thing?

Paul rants: We started writing CoupleDumb because we wanted to be writers, wrote a couple of fiction books, and discovered that we had very little experience as writers with the exception of some impressive grant writing. We created CoupleDumb as our ‘writing platform’, two words we knew but never put together like that. The success of the site was super surprising but it was not easy. We have written over 550 post, more than 350,000 words. That is the equivalent of three and a half full-length novels all written in fewer than 18 months. And I want to thank every one of you who has taken the time to read our work.

Knowing all of this, here is a true story so that you know why I am going on this particular rant. One day, out of the blue, Lee received an email from a woman with whom I went to high school. I need to admit that neither of us like this person much, seeing her as overbearing and bossy. The email wanted to know how to start a blog and make a living at it. I wrote her back with the typical question, asking about what she wanted to write. She answered that she didn’t know…you know…stuff. She just lost her part-time filing clerk job and wanted to make a living without working too hard. Yes, she actually wrote that! She added that she doesn’t write very well but that did not seem to be an obstacle in her mind.

Yes, I went apoplectic. ‘Who does she think she is?!’ I said and shook my fist. Admittedly, I was doing it for the drama but, hey, when you are enraged you got to have fun with it. The thing is, I had seen this kind of stuff with Lee but never experienced it myself. Having a degree in Physics, no one ever looked at me and said, ‘Simultaneous multi-order differential equations? How fun! I solve those as a hobby on weekends.’ Yet to Lee, I have heard people say to her face (and live to talk about it) that counseling is just talking and therapy is the province of those with the gift of gab. Lee has two Masters degrees. Do people actually think that she learned how to talk in those classes?

So this rant is really about respect, boundaries and consideration. Who am I kidding? This post is because this woman pissed me off, I needed to write something, and I am so overwhelmed that I can’t see my nose from all of the shit around me. So I needed to vent. Thank you for being there for me. Any time that I can return the favor, it would be my pleasure. Arrrrghhhh!

Lee says: I don’t know if the picture on the top right corner does it justice but Paul’s nose is quite impressive. Majestic even! So the inability to see his nose is tantamount to being eye-ball deep in excrement. Or, for those of us who are partial to less drama, Baby is a little stressed and he is rubbing his ears.

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