WTF of the Week with an extra AYOOYFM

 The Before Shot

It has been reported that Rihanna is not only taking Chris ‘I’m a Punk Ass Bitch’ Brown back but they are also recording a duet together!  (Suggested remakes: Don’t go breaking my face)

At CoupleDumb, we have very clear policies of who and what we consider to be a WTF commentary and this one also merits a AYOOYFM (Are You Out of Your Fucking MIND!)  As Oprah, Tyra and Katie have said- LOVE DOESN’T HURT!  Rihanna, get some help quick.  Do not fall for this kid’s line of bullshit (that he is only giving you to save his career).  Are you seeing what we’re saying?  RELATIONSHIP ADDICTION!!! 

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO CHRIS BROWN’S HANDLERS:   Get your client some professional counseling now if you want to continue getting 10-20% of his earnings!

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ALL WHO WANT TO HERE BOTH SIDES BEFORE MAKING UP YOUR MINDS:  You think you are being fair and just.  The reality is that you are condoning violence!  It doesn’t matter that they are a couple and it makes little difference whether Chris Brown was such a nice guy before.  He beat and threatened a woman.  You are supporting an abuser.  Even by staying quiet or waiting until the facts come in.  Your silence and support of Chris Brown is a not so subtle endorsement of violence on women.  You should be ashamed of yourselves (Akon, Jesse McCartney, Kenan Thompson and any other douchbag who supports this ‘woman beating’ asshole).


  • Gino

    In Calabria, Brown would be visited by a father, some brothers, and/or a couple of uncles. Calabrese men didn’t call 911. And nobody abused a Calabrese womam twice.

    We need to go back to that.

    As for Rihanna, she needs an ass-whipping by her family as well as Brown does.

  • Bob

    FEAR makes us “cowards” and it freezes us from moving forward, what do you think her fear is all about?

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