WTF of the Week: Upholding the Gay Marriage Ban in California


 WTF? Just keep saying it.

There are many things one can say about this ruling announced on Tuesday. We can look at this logically and say that the plaintiffs didn’t argue the right angle by asserting that it’s too easy to change the Californian constitution. We can say that the California Supreme court is just upholding the law and is not going to legislate from the bench. Sure… and we can also say that the justices were a bunch of wimps and know that Prop 8 is a poorly veiled legal way of treating people as second class citizens.

We are Californians by birth. We were born and raised in Los Angeles County. We met in L.A. and married in L.A.. In our hearts, even after living in Miami for almost 14 years, we are still Californians. So it pains us to see that the ‘left coast’ just can’t seem to live up to its hype. One word: Iowa. That’s right.

And while we are on the subject, Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage, was pleased as punch and cookies when she heard the court’s ruling. Maggie, a former single mother, sits on her large throne and runs a think tank that obviously has no ventilation since the only thinking they do is to come up with new ways to scare Christians into thinking that homos marrying is the same as killing the baby Jesus. This is the same woman who defended Carrie Prejean and called her a martyr. Yeah, we know. Martyrs usually die so if she was planning on offing Miss California, she better get to it.

I guess we can say what everybody else is saying. It’s sad. We’re sad we live in a country where some of our friends are treated like second class citizens. We’re sad that people stand behind their faith to force their bigotry on everyone. I guess we are sad that bitches like Maggie and Carrie are doing pudding shots off of Carrie’s fake titties because of this ruling. I guess we’re sad that we just put that image out there and will now drink until the picture in our mind goes away.


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