WTF of the Week: The Reaction to Michael Jackson’s Death

King versus the King

          We have been vocal about Michael Jackson and we felt we were being a little rough until Rep. King opened his mouth. After him we feel we’ve been total wusses! We can see having an opinnion and sharing it with the press once. However, this dude apparently needs to hold press conferences in his offices and keep spouting the same shit. Michael was pervert. Michael was a pedophile that got away with it. Got it. Listen King, if you’re going to keep talking shit about Michael Jackson and riding the media train to recognition, come up with new stuff! As if that asshole wasn’t bad enough,

          Joe Jackson is still doing his media blitz. He was paid 200 grand by ABC for an interview. One question Jackson family, is this the best representative you have to be speaking for the clan? Are you kidding us? Seriously, this man is so unaffected by any of this that it makes everything that Michael said about this wretched human being very believable.He is even talking about the grandkids and starting the pimping already! This sonofabitch is seeing dollar signs instead of kids!! And finally, the last you will hear from CoupleDumb about Michael Jackson is this: when we die, we don’t want all the singing at our memorial service and but open up the friggen colliseum for us! No lottery. Jousting! Maybe some jello wrestling or a piece of work that rivals the iliad written in pig latin. Simple and sophisticated, like us.

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  • mike

    Joe Jackson seems to operate on his own while the ‘family’ is there, it’s all separate and appearing ‘together’ Ya’ll know the clues on a dysfunctional family! There was a Jehovah’s Witness service for MJ the day before.,,20287787_20290557,00.html

    These kids are going to get hit from so many sources all claiming to have their interests and perhaps the only one who really could understand is the Presley family. I have a feeling, no one is going to take and use that example.

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