WTF of the WEEK: Stephon Marbury and all the other crazies

          We don’t want to judge anyone. However, the confines and demands of this blog require that on Saturday we scour the depths of the news to find the one topic that has us ponder: WHAT THE FUCK? 

          This week, as we diligently work to plumb the bowels of news, we were struck with one thing: HAS EVERYBODY LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS?  

          From Mischa to Stephon, Dr. Murray and all the other Jackson Doctors, what has happened to people? We know that a bad economy scares people and many turn to drugs and/or lunacy to deal with their stress but honestly, this shit is crazy!  

          Mischa Barton gets 5150 and is placed in a psych ward for a week. Now that they released her, she looks like someone gave her a friggen lobotomy. She has that ‘I don’t have a thought in my head’ grin with no teeth and is walking around like a zombie. While this is happening, Stephon Marbury has been broadcasting live on U-Stream a rant, dance, cry fest. The guy has lost his mind. Have you watched him? No, don’t judge us for judging him until you judged him yourself. That shit is not normal! If you think that he’s just a guy dancing in front of his webcam spouting nonsense than you are a crazy fuck as well!  

          Then you have Jon Gosselin sowing his wild oats with 2 chicks in less than a week. The father of way too many was in St. Tropez, the Hamptons and wherever with a 22 year old and then a former news writer. Now, this is the same douche bag that has a million kids right? A guy who’s claim to fame is that he has too many half Asian kids right? What the fuck people? Is this asshole news? And ladies and I use this term loosely, what do you see in this toad? The guy is known for cumming in a cup! 

          Then we have Michael Jackson still making news like it’s some SNL sketch where Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead. But we have a question. If we tell someone to shoot us up with drugs and we inadvertently die is that murder or assisted suicide? Every star struck unethical doctor is going down for this one which should leave Los Angeles with a Podiatrist and inner city Pediatrician. And who’s cashing in on his death? Absolutely everyone. Hell, even LaToya is making bank! The bitch is on TV every friggen day talking about him being murdered or his talent. She even recorded a song!  

          So do you believe us now? The world has lost its mind and we either put on our aluminum hats or pop some corn and watch the show. CoupleDumb, has decided to eat Jiffy Pop and do both.


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