WTF of the WEEK: Something wicked this way comes

Run, run for the hills!

          Not since Butch met Sundance, Bonnie met Clyde, Sodom met Gomorrah and Milli met Vanilli has there been such a potentially devastating union. We have spent the last week scouring the Bible and other Holy texts, like People magazine, to look for further signs of impending doom.

          Of course we are talking about Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan who went clubbing last weekend. Last time these bitches hung out, Britney ended up shaving her head and getting 5150’d within a few days of the meeting. Now, for humanities sake, we will add that Paris Hilton was not there but she had been at the previous meeting. We need you to take this seriously. What if they’re planning a duet? Could you handle another ‘Girl you know its true’? We can’t.

          Another possibility is that Britney was encouraging Lindsay to get on meds. Just an FYI Brit, your conservatorship has worked wonders on you. Your parents, even though you believed they were assholes, are angelic compared to Lindsay’s parents. Lindsay would end up turning tricks at Disneyworld for a job if Dina and Michael had their druthers. Mama and daddy need to be paid! So push the meds but Lindsay does not have anyone with the wherewithal and her best interest in mind. Besides, bitch ain’t got no money. Can you imagine what kind of conservator she would have? Maybe her sister and a paralegal. 

          So make your amends and say your prayers. Monitor your Twitter for any future hookups. However, if Paris joins them, stay off the streets and buy canned goods. That much skank and stupid could only rip the fabric of the universe.


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