WTF of the Week: Roman Polanski Supporters

 Now he can do prison flicks.

          We here at CoupleDumb have a list that we call our ‘Shit we will do when we are SUPER FAMOUS’. The list includes such fun things as have sex on public transportation, give an unintelligible acceptance speech, murder a hobo and, our personal favorite, go to several hotels, run up the bill and skip out then have a psychotic break in Texas (what do you mean someone did this already?)

          We will treat this WTF like a geometry question if that is alright with you.

          Given: Roman Polanski directed some good movies.

          Given: Roman Polanski suffered a horrible tragedy with the murder of his pregnant wife Sharon Tate.

          Given: Roman pled guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse and fled after his psych eval and before the judge could sentence him.

          Given: Roman has some really understanding friends.

          You don’t have to be a police officer or therapist or parent to understand that a 13 year old girl cannot give consent to have sex (please see yesterdays post). First of all, getting a 13 year old drunk is illegal. Then proceeding to have vaginal and anal intercourse with her is also seen as a major no no. But we guess all these things are just overlooked by all of Roman’s Hollywood friends who feel that the U.S. should just stop hounding poor Roman Polanski. They are helping this poor defenseless man fight extradition to the mean old U.S. and ask, ‘Why now? This happened so long ago’. Well, for one thing, HE PLED GUILTY!

          Well here is why now: ‘Because he never answered for his crimes.’ Listen up Roman supporters like Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen (yes, you read that right), we don’t know if you all see nothing wrong in the inebriation and rape of a 13 year old but around these parts its bad. You might as well have been pouring the champagne 30+ years ago when he did these horrible things. ‘But the girl forgave him…’ Sure she did! She wants to get on with her life and we are sure that the money he gave her can pay for lots of therapy. We don’t care how many movies this guy has done, if he is innocent, face the music and get it over with.

          Roman’s biggest fear? Being put in jail. Not prison. Jail. Listen Pedo Polanski, half of our athletes and most of our celebs in this country have seen the inside of a jail cell. You aren’t any better. Hell, look at O.J.. The dude got away with murder and then get’s a life sentence for robbing someone (I guess his celeb cred was used up with the whole double murder deal. We’ll make a note of that!) Man up little dude. No they won’t give you an espresso and warm croissant for breakfast but at least if you get out, you can go to real Disney parks, not that wannabe crap EuroDisney.

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