WTF of the Week: Rep. Virginia Foxx (R- North Carolina – 5th District- Winston-Salem, Mount Airy)


Rep. Virginia Foxx decided she should add her two cents this week when the House was voting on the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Bill. This bill includes sexual orientation, gender identity and mental or physical disability and expands federal jurisdiction in such crimes. The matronly Rep. Foxx decided to avoid easy targets such as what is hate crime, isn’t all crime hate induced, do you think this suit makes me look butch?  

No, no, no. She decided to call the Matthew Shepard atrocity a HOAX! She said it was a robbery, not a hate crime. This is the same Matthew Shepard who was robbed, pistol whipped, tortured, tied to a fence in a remote, rural area, and left to die. The same murder trail where the defendants that used the ‘Gay Panic’ defense as if gay people are like zombies that won’t stop until you bash them in the head. Even if it were true, a simple ‘No’ would have sufficed. And since when do people go to the extent of murder the way these Neanderthal douches did for $20 and a pair of shoes? 

Rep. Virginia Foxx is a stupid, bigoted bitch! It seems we are developing a theme for our WTFs which is a little disheartening.  

Hey Rep. Foxx, the Laramie Police who we all know are SOOOOOOOO pro-gay said that the two men lured him out of a bar saying they were gay then attacked him. Lady, and we use that term loosely, why don’t you come out and say what you meant to say? You feel that all this legislation will cut into your family’s recreation time of bashing gay people. Don’t hide behind the HOAX bullshit like you discovered who stole the Lindberg baby. You and your kin (that’s what you rednecks call family, right?) like beating up some fairies on the weekends. It’s not about HATE but a way of life, right? 


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