WTF of the Week: Rep. Joe Barton

          I grew up in Torrance California. If you don’t know the area, let me draw you a little mental picture. Torrance at one point was nothing but oil derricks and orange groves. Before they built our home sometime in the 50’s, there had been an oil derrick pumping away. As a child I still saw a few on my block which were subsequently taken out and a house was plopped down on the site. In fact, several miles up the road from our home we had a refinery for two of the major oil companies. So, I get it. It’s a big-ass industry with a gazillion dollars and that money translates to taxes and jobs. But this doesn’t mean that every weekend the ladies of our city would go up the road to perform their weekly blow-job duties to keep the oil companies satisfied.

          This was a busy week regarding the BP oil disaster. President Obama laid the smackdown on BP and they responded by setting aside 20 billion dollars to clean up the spill. On Thursday, at the congressional hearings to discuss the spill, Representative Joe Barton, decided to read a lengthy apology to Mr. Hayward, CEO of BP. In this love letter, Rep. Barton said things like ‘I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday’ and ‘a tragedy of the first proportion, that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown, a $20 billion shakedown’. I’m sure Hayward instructed his people to deliver a stack of $20s to Barton after this gross display of political lap-dancing. 

          So Barton, WTF? A tragedy? A tragedy is the complete destruction of a little something we call an eco-system in the Gulf of Mexico. A tragedy is seeing the death of millions of sea creatures or the poor water fowl suffocating as they are slimed by the crude oil. A tragedy is watching our beautiful beaches in the Panhandle of Florida and Alabama destroyed. A tragedy will be the loss of jobs of all the people who depend on the fishing in the gulf or the tourism the Gulf area. A tragedy is that our political system has created bitches like you who are so dependent on Oil company campaign contributions that they are not even able to see the countries outrage at a foreign corporations raping of one of our precious natural resources.

          Barton, you are a complete asshole and deserve nothing less than to go surfing in Panama Beach while eating a pelican sandwich. Do I think 20 Billion is going to be enough to clean things? Obviously, no. However, it is something. The era of corporate irresponsibility is over and being held accountable is scary for the unethical like yourself. Perhaps if you bought a paper or had someone show you some pictures you can see why even a gesture of help will make people feel better.

          And while we are talking about gestures, you are apologizing to BP because you feel that they should have ‘due process and fairness’? This from the beloved state of lethal injection and lynching? I don’t get it really. If you are oil companies bitch then be their bitch but do not subject the American people to watching you keep your pimp happy. As an American you have the right to be a slut, Barton, but no one wants to see you in a tube top.


  • Miriam Alario

    sorry I hit send.
    Poor POTUS got hit when he tried to punish and control the banks, tried to punish Wall Streeters and the Auto companies. People were yelling about the Govt not needing to run the companies, and it was a “Socialist take-over” of the finance industry.

    All of a sudden, these same critics ae complaining that Obama should be diving down and plugging the leak with his own cement. Make up your mind folks. (Not you two, but in general) Do we WANT to take over the projects of fixing business catastrophies, at tax-payer expense, or do we want the companies to clean up their own trash heaps, and we have to wait for them to act? Let Obama off the hook for BP’s shortcuts and Haliburton’s bad installation, or let him run Merril Lynch his way.

  • Hollis Heldman

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