WTF of the Week: Reaction to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

 He can do that, you know. 

          You know, this is a relationship blog. And there is no better example of dysfunctional relationship than politics. Really. Seriously. Politics are handled a lot like nasty break-ups. When a person lacks the sufficient closure and healthy boundaries, they are never able to see their former partner as anything but the slut, whore that broke their heart. This is like political opponents. No matter what their opponent does, they will always be the slut, whore that broke their heart and dashed their aspirations.  

          So Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and instead of people saying nice job, we have a nation of assholes saying that it was rigged and he did nothing to earn it. He has created no lasting peace anywhere and nothing has changed. OK, then. Even Slate says the win was for speeches rather than actions. Ok, anything else? So the WTF part comes from the incredible disbelief that people would be so blind that they can’t see that internationally the U.S. has, in less than 6 months, gained a little respect since he became President. When people in 22 different countries were polled and asked ‘Will the U.S. do right in world affairs’, the response was up 37% since Obama took over office [Pew Global Attitudes Project] (Between us it could only go up after Bush). Let’s not remember that the world was pure shit when he took over.  

          So we wondered what great and awesome things have people done to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Have they built a bridge to heaven made of popsicles and eyelashes? Have they cured cancer with peanut butter and chocolate ice cream? Have they, per chance, learned to mend a broken heart or stopped the rain from falling down by summoning the long forgotten umbrella people? Or more simply, have all of them created a lasting peace anywhere? 

          The answer may surprise you because as far as we can see, no. In 1994, Arafat, Rabin and Peres shared the prize for their work with the problems in Isreal and Palestine and we all know how well those two places get along. We hear that they are going steady and will announce an engagement soon. Wait, didn’t Gore win this too? Oh yeah, he fixed Global warming right? Nope. He narrated a fucking, depressing movie. He got it for passing out info. Meanwhile we are still sweating our asses off in Miami! Should he give it back? Yo Gore, our neighbor just bought a huge truck that looks like it has 50 cylinders and that rat fuck has never recycled a thing in his life. BTW, this is the same Gore who, while doing the movie, had a huge carbon footprint with his over 20 thousand square feet of houses (he owns 3), private jet (he doesn’t fly commercial) and his electricity wasteful ways. 

          From the Nobel Prize list, we estimate 90% of the prizes were given for efforts or making people aware of something. How many of you out there believe Obama has not raised any kind of awareness? One awareness he definitely made clear to us is that racism is as alive and well in this country as ever. We just hide behind politics and standards that we never bothered to measure Bush with.


  • THANK YOU! Most people who are bitching and moaning about this one are the self serving kind that fail to see that the U.S. is not the ONLY country in the world.

    Having lived in Norway for 5 years, I think the Norwegians have a much more objective view of Obamas impact on peace making efforts in the world..

    After all they are light years ahead of us … Socially, morally and otherwise …Now that’s a great example of a Socialist Democracy that works and I can assure you its not just the petroleum fund they are sitting on!

  • Here here!!!! Funny, I flew to LA Friday and whilst sitting in a yummy Mexican restaurant near Loyola (my and Lee’s alma mater, woohoo) a very friendly couple who had been chattin away with us at the bar, asked us what we thought of Obama winning the nobel peace prize. I shared that I was happy that he had! I have felt a change in the world. I have felt that he calling everyone out, including children, to be responsible and to give back. It’s about freakin time! Just that alone is worth it. Unfortunately, this very friendly couple became somewhat irate, saying that he didn’t deserve it, what did he do, blah blah blah. My husband Bob became offended with their response. I simply continued to eat my very delicious chicken chimichanga which rivaled El Paso Cantina, I must say. I realized that there are people that just want him to fail, and will continuously point the finger at him. For me, my president, Barack Obama, inspires me to be a better person; he inspires hope and change; he inspires the power of intention, to believe you can be whatever you set yourself out to be. I for one, congratulate the president on his accomplishments. It has not been easy when you have people throwing stones at you and wondering why you can’t just climb over them???

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