WTF of the Week: People who thought Adam Lambert was straight

 His friend was bitten by a snake. He was sucking the poison out.

If you go out today, you will find the big news to be that Adam Lambert, American Idols Runner Up, has come out loud and proud on Rolling Stone Magazine. Seriously? This is news?  

O.K., we have one: Water is wet! We have nothing but praise for the American Idol almost winner, but this was never a secret. Even during the auditions, it was pretty friggen obvious.   

But this isn’t about him. This is about the people that actually thought he was straight. This WTF is about the people out there who thought, ‘He can sing and he’s kind of cute. Sure he wears more make-up than my nearsighted ugly cousin but its showbiz.’ Hello? Are you serious?  

The denial people have shown toward the non-issue of his sexuality is ridiculous. Yes, he’s gay. Yes, he likes men. Yes, he has dressed as a woman a few times. Yes, those shrieks and the drama came from his glamboyance. The fact that Rolling Stone magazine helped him come out which must have been a surprise to all his former boyfriends and everyone who knew he was gay just shows how many people were actually confused about this man’s sexuality.  

We’ll give you a hint middle America. We know it’s getting tougher playing pick the homo. Ever since Rock Hudson and Liberace popped your safety bubble of straightness you have been a little off on your gaydar. But some sure signs of whether a man is gay is: 1) He dates men, 2)He is photographed swapping spit with a man, 3) He dresses as a woman with no other Shakespearean or Kobuki actors around him. 

We hope this is helpful.     


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