WTF of the Week: Patricia Heaton

          Maybe it’s because we watched Slumdog Millionaire this week or maybe because stupid people amuse us so but we decided to dedicate this week’s WTF to actress and brain trust Patricia Heaton. If you didn’t see her appearance on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, take a second and watch it above now. Why, because this kind of stupid is rare and it was caught completely on film.

          Now that you have seen it, tell us, how long did it take you to figure it out? It wasn’t that the question was difficult because we understand that some people may have learning issues with math and freeze up under arithmetic duress. The fact is that if you went to college, you learned to take multiple choice questions. You eliminate the obviously wrong ones. There was no doubt which answer it could be!

          Favorite part is where she calls her husband, the foreigner, who can’t even begin to figure it out. We hope they adopted their kids because this does not bode well for them. 

          ‘Yo Patty, weren’t women like you sterilized back in the day?’ Ouch, that was a little tough. How about, ‘Hey Patricia, you were on Everybody Loves Raymond because people like you like to give hugs!’ Too much? Then we can try this one: ‘Patricia Heaton, Ohio State just issued a cease and desist letter to you saying please refrain from telling people that you attended their school. Unless, of course, you were there as a test subject or lab rat.’ Are we being too mean? How about: ‘Patster, the Rand Corporation called. They need you to figure out how many apples Mary has. Patty, stop crying. Relax Patty, it’s just simple math. No Patty please, put down the gun!’

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