WTF of the Week or Nothing Good Can Come of This


 Lord, I hope they're dating! We could write about that for months.

Please understand: we love Bette Midler. The woman is an icon and we adore everything she does from getting our freeways clean in L.A. to beautifying the streets of New York to wearing a mermaid outfit and dancing to a choreographed wheelchair routine. Love her!  

This week Bette was seen chumming it up with former gangster now rapper 50 Cents aka. Fiddy.  Por Qua? WTF? Que Carajo? 

This is less a WTF and more a Nothing Good can come from this union. We said the same thing when they started frying Oreos. Yes we love fried food and we love Oreos but for the love of the sweet baby Jesus why the hell would you do this to our already obese nation? Is that Bette’s and Fiddy’s intent? Or are they being brought together to offer us a confection so evil and tempting that we will brave coronary artery disease to try it? Perhaps. 

We just want to know what either of them were thinking or what their first conversation was like. 

Bette: You’re a rapper. 50 Cents? Why not Silver Dollar?

Fiddy: Who the fuck are you?

Bette: I’m Bette Midler. I starred in Beaches, Ruthless People and The Rose.

Fiddy: Hole up shawty. You was in that piece o’ shit Jinxed too!

Bette: Yes I was. And you were shot a million times and Kanye West kicked your ass in album sales.

Fiddy: Respect bitch!

Then Bette pulled out her glock and popped yet another cap in his ass.   

Or maybe they will record a new song. Something like Wind Beneath My Wings meets Candy Shop. The lyrics would go something like ‘After you work up a sweat you can play with my stick, for you are the wind beneath my…’ WHOA.  They need to work out the rhyme but something like that.

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