WTF of the Week: New York State Senator Shirley Huntley


This guy should follow most of our politicians

My whole life I had to watch my mouth. I have been told in the past that I lack tact. I have been told that sometimes I come off a little brash. I have even been told, and I know this is hard to believe, that I’m a bitch. But, professionally, I have always maintained myself and my opinions in check and have never once had my words come back to haunt me. Which brings up this week’s WTF.

This month, the New York State Senate will probably have to vote on Gay Marriage. Recently, Democratic State Senator Shirley Huntley was asked about her position on Gay Marriage and she said, ‘If they gave me a million dollars, tax free, I just wouldn’t vote for it.’  I see. That seems pretty specific, doesn’t it? How about 2.5 million tax free and a massage from Mayor Bloomberg? Would that get you to change your mind? How about a hosting gig on SNL?   

Senator Huntley, I have said some stupid shit in my life and insulted a few people but you give me hope. If someone as stupid as you can become a State Senator to the great state of New York then I am a shoe-in as a Governor of Florida by using derogatory euphemisms for Hispanics, Blacks and Native Americans. It’s Gay Marriage, not puppy killing? A million tax free bucks is a lot of money and it seems to me that you feel passionate about your position but, is that really what an elected official should be basing their voting on? Shouldn’t you care a little about what your constituents think? Or like Senator Onorato, are you basing your opinion on non-verifiable calls that have come into your office stating their disagreement with a gay marriage initiative? Or are Maggie Gallagher and the rest of her National Organization of Marriage thugs leaving you dirty messages on your phone too?

Senator Huntley, your bigotry is showing. As an older black woman who has met each hurdle and discrimination in this life-time, you would think that you would be a little more tolerant. As a woman with no verifiable education that has reached the level of being a State Senator of New York, thanks to the work of all the civil rights leaders of the past, you would think you would lend a helping hand. As a woman who has a construction company and then supports restrictions for limiting the use of contractors to only those licensed in the municipality, like your company, you would think you of all people would understand how people in government make rules and laws to benefit themselves and how agreeing with gay marriage will probably get you re-elected.

But that doesn’t matter to you Huntley. You went into politics as a parent advocate. You championed educational excellence for your children. That is commendable from a woman who people are wondering if she can actually read the mental health information that crosses her desk as the Chair of the Committee (as a therapist, I find that really sad). The saddest thing of all is that Dick Cheney himself came out for Gay Marriage this week.  I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing yet. Kind of like the Devil being against puppy killing. Kind of makes you wonder if those damned, fluffy puppies didn’t deserve it.


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