WTF of the Week: Michael Jackson.


Beatification starts on Monday

For years now we knew that Farrah Fawcett had cancer. In the last few months, it was being reported that she was losing her battle with the dreaded disease. She finally succumbed to the illness on Thursday morning, surrounded by family and friends. While the world began to mourn her, we hear that Michael Jackson was in cardiac arrest and all of a sudden, no more Farrah.         

Are we being cruel and mean here? We don’t think so. Farrah died of a disease which took her. Michael was shooting up Demerol for years and destroying his own body. Addiction is a ravaging disease but it takes a level of personal responsibility that Mr. Jackson just didn’t have.
Just a question to all you mourners out there who can’t stop crying, do you have fucking amnesia?

Listen, we adored Off the Wall and Thriller. After that incredible success, it would take a level headed person to handle the demands of music royalty. Instead, he donned bedazzled military wear, wore one glove and carried Emmanuel Luis around for a while. When Emmanuel balked (under mysterious circumstances) he got a monkey. Then there was the hyperbaric chamber, Neverland Ranch and then we started hearing the allegations of molestation and Jesus juice. Not to mention dangling Blanket from a balcony.

Listen up here people, even people who dedicate their lives to children don’t get accused of sexual molestation. Child molesters don’t see juries.They get pled out so victims don’t have to testify. Once could have been a shakedown. Twice was a pattern. And those are the ones we heard about!
Michael was a rare talent. His music changed the 80s. But, he was a freak and we all know it so don’t fucking pretend that that the last 25 years didn’t happen. He used prescription drugs, hadn’t written anything in years and was in the news only for his financial woes, freaky children and allegations that would have made most of us take up torches and pitchforks had they not been against ‘The Man in the Mirror’.

Prayers to Farrah, her family and friends. We will praise the artist who gave us some good music a long time ago, pray for his family but will not mourn the man.



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