WTF of the Week- If I say it enough, it becomes the truth.

 Carrie and her boobies

We tried. God knows we tried. We looked high and low for another WTF even though our WTF Sirens were ringing to the point where our little ears bled. We didn’t want to repeat ourselves and, seriously people, how many times can a woman be called a stupid bitch before she gets herself a collar and a muzzle? 

This week Carrie Prejean retained her crown as Miss California despite violating her contract every which way she can (we think she hasn’t as of this post burned it and pissed on its ashes but we are sure the pics will be posted on TMZ next week).  Watching Ms. Prejean, we immediately channel Brick from ‘A Cat on Hot Tin Roof’ and scream out ‘MENDACITY!’  

We could continue to talk about her brilliant views on opposite marriage but we prefer to discuss the fact that the woman is suffering from some sort of amnesia. We are assuming, of course that at some point she will either declare memory loss or alien abduction regarding all these pictures being release. There she stood at the press conference talking about how she was attacked viciously and the recent released pics were taken on a windy day, during a break while she looked directly at the camera, posing seductively and her hair wasn’t being blown by the bizarre weather that really wanted to take a look at her nipple (Hey Carrie who insists she is a model, never heard of Boob Glue? As a chubby chick I know but apparently you missed that lesson during modeling classes.)  

Listen Miss California, As Californians we would like to say that as a role model to all our little girls, you suck! You are entitled to your opinions that you believe came from the Almighty and our lowly opinion is that you bastardized and warped the words of Jesus (No offense!). As an adult you can take any kind of picture you want but it is lying when you say it was only one picture and then blame the photographer. Bitch you weren’t wearing a wimple and a veil! You were wearing panties and an open vest. Did you expect that your boobs would obey and stay hidden? Did you think Satan sent the evil nipple exposing wind? 

Take some responsibility. Look at your predecessors who had the ovaries to admit what they had done like Vanessa Williams and even Tara Conner. You lied so stand up and testify sister! We realize you set yourself up as a Bible Thumper and this information will put a crimp in your future endeavors but we have just the thing for you. Stand up in front of your congregation, blame the Devil, say something about how he gripped your soul blah blah, how he sent Perez ‘the evil homo’ Hilton when you had repented and how he is behind this attack. It is a spiritual attack and the Angels and Demons are after your immortal soul. Now ping back to the movie and Perez and you would have a cool post. What? To commercially crass? Oh well, then stick with the wind story.    


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