WTF of the Week- I dreamed of swimming with Polar bears until one bit my ass!


We would like to thank the world of crazy because the WTFs write themselves every week.  At the Berlin Zoo, a very stupid/crazy woman decided to jump a fence and go swimming.  Did we mention that she went swimming in the polar bear exhibit? Did we mention it was feeding time?

O.K. people, I have dreams of swimming with dolphins but they aren’t going to tear off my legs.  We really have no idea why this psycho jumped in but WTF did she expect? Did she think the polar bears would offer her a coke or share the raw meat they were served for lunch?

This is why we believe we should enact a Darwin Law. When people do stupid shit like this, we let nature take its course.  If you choose to get out of the car at Lion Country Safari, the Lions are allowed to eat you. If you tease the gorillas at the zoo, they are allowed to pull you in and kick your ass. If you try out for a reality show, like American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance and have no talent, be prepared to be ridiculed for the rest of your life.

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