WTF of the WEEK: Fort Worth Police

You grab my junk?

          We assume there is a certain stereotype that people think of when they think of a Fort Worth Police Officer. We tend to imagine a cross between John Wayne and Yosemite Sam; something outdated and unintelligible. It is always a surprise when the stereotype fits the person perfectly. 

          Fort Worth Police decided to raid the Rainbow Lounge to check for public intoxication last weekend. Is it a coincidence that the raid took place during Gay Pride and the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall? Is it a coincidence that they picked a gay bar that had opened just a week before? We don’t believe in coincidence. We do however believe in harassment, homophobia and hominids which apparently are employed by the Fort Worth Police. 

          These officers went in and harassed the patrons of the Rainbow Lounge and then beat the crap out of Chad Gibson. Chad, who is 26 and now has a huge blood clot in his brain, was charged with public intoxication. The use of 5 officers to subdue the stud who weighs a whopping 160 lbs. Claim that Mr. Gibson grabbed one of the officer’s groin before being taken down. They say they asked how much he had to drink and he answered by grabbing the cops package. This is the story they are sticking with. These are the same cops that walked into a gay bar during gay pride weekend, probably with her asses all puckered up for fear if something should slip in, hoping the gays wouldn’t infect them.  This is the action that they felt deserved the retaliation of pushing a young man’s head through a wall and bashing it on the floor. This is the precipitating event before 5 officers of the law went ape shit on a man who was as intimidating as Ed Begley Jr.. The best part of this is that Chad Gibson was not charged with sexual assault. The police justify using force because he sexually assaulted one of the officers and he was not charged with sexual assault or assault of any kind.       

          Jeff Halstead, the Chief of Police of Fort Worth, stand behind his men. He thinks gay panic should be good enough to protect his officers from being charged with police brutality and an obvious hate crime. This guy is as stupid and backwards as the officers he supports. Yo Goober, you are the new Daryl Gates of this generation. Bigotry in the police force is as dangerous as giving a weapon to brainless shits like you and your officers. On Thursday he started singing a different tune but the damage is done, Jethro, so watch for the shit storm that is headed your way.     

          We don’t care what side of the gay marriage debate you land on. We don’t give a shit whether your God condemns gay people or the rainbow is your favorite color. Chad Gibson was brutally beaten because he was different. We can exchange the word gay for black, hispanic or asian.  

          How about we fast forward all this crap and let’s grant equal rights to gays and move on to the next oppressed group. Let’s forgo any further bloodshed and come to see that we are all one and should treat everyone with respect. Let’s do this before Texas gets a worse wrap than they already have.  If they are following their playbook, they are going to drag a few gay men behind a truck, light a few on fire and burn down their establishments. Wait a second, I think we’ve seen this before.


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  • ok, patron of the Rainbow Lounge, you need to file a civil rights violation. Get the police tapes from the communication bureau of police dept. (public records). If they have computers within the police vehicle, you are also entiled to this communication. You can get the personnel records of each officer, this also includes the police chief. Also get their cell phone records for that day and the next. File a complaint with the police dept and with the city council! This become public record and will show a pattern of behavior for the next time they do something stupid, trust me, they will. Then hire a private investigator, someone has the incident on their cell phone! Do your own investigation. Remember, plead not guilty, these cops are stupid, they won’t be able to keep their story together, one will break and turn on the other cops. Remember they have two days off, they can’t help themselves, they to will be at some bar and eventually they will be driving home drunk, you fill in the pieces.

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