WTF of the Week: Evil Tweeters

Not sexy!

          Social Media Moms have been quite busy this year. Building empires and creating a new language that is actually having the government take note of us. Also, there has been some serious in-fighting which, quite frankly, has me baffled. Instead of supporting one another, we clique up like some All Girl High School where cattiness and bitchiness are required courses. I, for one, am not playing this game. I went to Catholic school, bitches. I cut my teeth on perky cheerleaders who promised their virginity to God and gave it up during Homecoming. You don’t scare me.

          Earlier this week, tragedy struck Twitterville. On Tuesday we learned of the horrible death of @Military_Mom 2 year old son. The mother, who I can only assume was devastated, asked her twitter friends to pray for her son. Immediately, there were calls for support and within seconds, there were thousands praying and within hours, a fund was created to support Shellie Ross and her family. But just as quickly as the community came together, some women thought that their opinion, judgments and random bullshit was pertinent during this time of grief. 

          This WTF is directed towards the evil bitches who chose to send @Military_Mom words of hate and cruelty. This WTF is dedicated to the sub-human soulless cows who felt the need to violate a mother during her worst nightmare. What I need to know is this, how does it feel to be devoid of even basic human emotions? How does it feel to be self-righteous vultures who swoop in during the darkest moments? All I know is that if ever any of you whores spout your crap at me or any of my loved ones, I will hunt you down, find you and dispose of you where even dental records will not be able to identify the bodies. Oh, and let’s not forget the New York Times. The Old Grey Lady decided these ogres were right and took the time to print a slanderous piece on @Military_Mom. Wow, that’s some great non biased reporting. Where are you getting your leads these days? Fox News? Personally, I think it’s time for the Old Grey Lady to be euthanized.

          So here is where I get to rant a little since I am writing this at 2:24am on my birthday! What the Fuck, Ladies? I have only been in the game less than a year and have very few relationships in this Social Media world. I see myself hanging out on the sidelines while all of you dance. A lot of you have met at conferences and created deep bonds and I will admit that that makes me slightly envious. But in these months I have seen some really nasty shit and all I have to say is stop it! From the Dooce drama to those who, for whatever personal reason, could not find something nice to say to Anissa Mayhew or the chick with the TSA crap and now Military Mom, this needs to stop. All I ask is that we be human to each other. 

          I’m not saying to kiss everybody’s ass and pretend that we love each other. What I am saying is that some of you are creating these feelings about women you don’t know, have never met and probably never will and fighting it out for all of us to watch. I think it’s pathetic that you would allow any of this twitter or bloggy shit to upset you. Frankly, I don’t give a shit. However, if a human being calls for prayers or is ill or suffers a tragedy on the order of the things that have happened this year, if you don’t have nothing nice to say then shut the fuck up! Empathy is not difficult if you stop being petty.    

          So please support Military Mom. Go to this site and do what you can . My birthday wish is that you all be nice to one another. Santa is watching!


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