WTF of the Week: Et tu Maine?

Get used to it!

          We think we have been clear here, haven’t we? We think we have stated our position over and over again throughout our 10 months of posting. We are sure if you go over the WTFs you will find that more than half have been dedicated to the sheer stupidity and utter fuckery of the conservatives who feel that they have to take this country by the hand before we are engulfed in the flames of hell. Our only question is, WHAT THE FUCK MAINE? 

          We were stunned yet cynically relieved that Maine repealed the Gay Marriage law on Tuesday. Relieved because stupidity is still alive and well and ultimately, the Save Marriage assholes are becoming what they fear the most. Let’s face it, we are a country of hypocrisy. We were forged out of revolution and as the oppositional defiant children of a greater country then quickly dominated the world. Today, anything remotely different terrifies us, especially if we are about accepting the second class citizens, and the mere concept of revolution must be squashed like a bug. Could all of this be the karma this country has dreaded for over 230 years?  

          Listen Bible Thumping, Prejean Loving, Saddleback Approving, Bigoted Asses that hide behind a God that is so appalled by your words and behavior He is actually reconsidering the whole unconditional love thing. You have done this before and always lost. Go ahead and revel in the glory of this win but the precedent you are setting is not healthy. You are reversing laws.  Do you understand that? Can you see the danger in that? Let us give you a hint: Today you can sleep safe in the smug knowledge that you guys are getting your way and the Silent Majority has let you push your Christian and homophobic agenda to the ridiculous. Tomorrow, when the Silent Majority speaks out and breaks the curse of this moniker, all of us are going after you. That’s right! Imagine waking up to find that white, Christian men can’t vote in this country? Or, that political action groups disguised as religious organizations lose their nonprofit status? Or better yet, wake up to find Carrie Prejean at a Lilith Faire concert singing an Indigo Girl song while burning a vagina candle with her wife, Ruth. Now that’s a good morning for us!


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