WTF of the Week: Death Working Overtime

Hell for Hitler. Heaven for Carradine

          O.K. Mr. Death! Enough! In the last month the Grim Reaper has taken David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Fred Travalina (Lee loved this guy when she was a kid) and Walter Cronkite among several others and all we have to say is WHAT THE FUCK? Did you have a celebrity backlog? Was God bored and needed a variety show?

          We understand that death is just a fact of life and that the finality only depends on your belief system. We tend to believe that we are eternal and our souls go on and on. It’s simple physics wrapped up in faith in God that death is only a transition to something more. But with the recent killing spree of entertainers, one has to wonder who the fuck is making Mr. Death’s to-do list.

          Walter Cronkite, the latest one to pass, was expected at his age and the family was kind enough to warn the public that he would not recover. However, when you think of Mr. Kung Fu being found dead in a compromising position or, in other words, fishnets, wig and wrapped in rope including a perfect dick binding, you know the Grim Reaper has turned a corner and is doing his job with less reverence. If you don’t believe us, who would have thought we would be knee deep in an investigation in Michael Jackson’s death. Who would have thought that even Michael’s cousin from Arizona is getting air-play on CNN as a special guest. Shit, even LaToya and Tito are getting attention? So don’t tell us death isn’t funny. Respect Mr. Reaper or people will find you in a compromising position and by that we mean crazy glued to a midget with your genitals covered in Saran Wrap and assorted fruit in every orifice.

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