WTF of the Week: Chuck E. Cheese


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That's the only way to deal with all you little...


          In the last week several adults have been arrested at different Chuck E. Cheeses for assault.  In one case, a woman was arrested for assaulting a 4 year old who wasn’t even hers. 

          O.K. people, we are parents and we know how hard it is to be at the Cheese without hard liquor or sedatives. But beating someone up?  Seriously? We can only assume you brought your children with you during these outings and we are glad to see the excellent example you are setting for the little tikes!  However, if you didn’t bring children, then you obviously have some severe brain trauma that needs something stronger than the beer and wine they serve there.

Or, maybe, Chuck E. Cheese is lacing its crappy pizza with PCP?  Meth in the habitrail tubes?  Crack in the ball pit?     

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