WTF of the Week: Can anybody work for the government?

 Thought bubble: Michelle is going to kick that motherfuckers ass!

          If things don’t change soon, we will need to do a WTF on a daily basis. Seriously people, we write a post everyday of the week except Sundays. If we only did WTFs we would need to take shifts to sleep.  

          This week was especially stupid. All branches of the government vied for their crown of WTFery King. The President did his speech on Tuesday; however most of the kids in Miami Dade didn’t even get to see it. Why you ask? Simply put, the school board voted not to show it and tentatively left it up to the teachers to include it in their lesson plans. The school board was afraid of lawsuits because they did not send out permission slips in time.  Now there may be some of you who had issue with the President of the United States talking to your child but I have more of an issue having a bureaucrat tell me what is appropriate for my kid. 

          Then the President had his Health Care speech on Wednesday. Had we known that those speeches were like being at a comedy club, we would have worn our vinyl slickers to avoid the brain splatter. Representative Joe Wilson decided that heckling was allowed on the floor of Congress. During our President’s speech he yelled out ‘You lie’. We don’t know what makes this worse, the fact that the President was heckled by a Congressman during a health care address, not a set at Chuckles Night Club, or that Wilson was actually wrong and illegal immigrants are not covered under the Health Care Bill thus making his asinine actions even stupider. Best part, now he’s getting all badass after his contrition tour. Now he’s all ‘I will not shut my mouth and I will fight for what is right blah blah blah’. How about you quit while you’re behind Joe? How about you show a little sensibility since you completely lack manners? How about you ask another congress person where they get their kinky supplies and purchase a ball gag and shut the fuck up? 

          So we’re writing the WTF when all of a sudden, we see that the CNN is reporting that the Coast Guard is circling a boat and has fired 10 shots. We think ‘Holy shit, not on 9-11.’ The reports go on to say that all this was taking place while Obama’s motorcade drove right by and he was in some sort of danger. Police, FBI, Coast Guard, Secret Service. WTF? Tension mounted for a while and then we hear, ‘Sorry. Just a training exercise.’ Seriously? On 9-11 when everybody is on edge and ‘Remembering the Tragedy’ you are going onto the Potomac and pretending there is a terrorist threat? Who was the asshat who thought that one up? Wait a second, what about Homeland Security? Wasn’t that department created so you assholes would all talk to each other or was it just another way of getting congressional relatives jobs?  

          We are turning off the computer and TV after this post. Need a break from stupid.

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  • Bob Hafner

    I think it is pretty incredulous that Republican Congressman Wilson gave a shout-out to Obam durning the joint session of Congress, but I cannot forget that the Democrats boo-ed President Bush durning the joint session of Congress. So, are both parities disrespectful of each other? I think so, but the Press has a short memory. Where is the 3rd party, I am tired of the Demo-rat’s and Republic-ass!

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