WTF of the Week: Brit Humes Recruiting Philanderers

          After working with addictions and the fall out for nearly 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus can be found almost anywhere. I worked with predators and crack addicts who found the savior in prison and promptly declared themselves cured. We know that this post will get us in trouble with Christians who won’t look past us slamming the ‘Get out of Jail Free’ aspect of conversion.

          So it came to pass that the fallen golf great Tiger Woods found himself alone, without his wife, without his children, and apparently, without redemption. During a Fox News round table discussion, the veritable theologian and great man of God, Brit Hume expoused that Tiger would once again regain his golf greatness. However, for deeper forgiveness and solace from his loneliness, he needed to ditch Buddhism and turn to Christianity. In other words, Tiger, get thee to a baptismal!

          There are so many things wrong with this that we need to break it down. First of all, since when is Brit Hume a chaplain to the fallen? Hasn’t Brit figured out that Tiger’s problem isn’t his faith of choice but the pussy of the day? We think it has become apparent that Tiger hasn’t been lonely in a long time and as for his kids, there are a million potential baby mamas out there clamoring for some Tiger spawn.

          We think the most offensive part to all of this is that Hume actually believes that only Christianity can offer him the ‘forgiveness and redemption’ and allow him to come back as a great example. So that’s it? Tiger can go get himself baptised and kabam! he is all right in the world? How simplistic! This is a fucking insult to anyone who has struggled with their conversion and their own forgiveness. Turning your life over to Jesus is a responsiblity not a magic eraser. One question Right Reverend Hume, after he gives himslef to Jesus, can he still bang cocktail waitresses as long as he asks for forgiveness? Do you think his wife will buy this? Obviously there are a lot of people in this country who will fall over their own lips in praise of him after he goes on some Jesus TV show and says things like ‘Satan made me party with the whores’ and ‘Praise Him’, but isn’t the true measure of conversion his contrition and creating a new life recovering from his sex addiction? Or is it just his handicap or whore count?  

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  • Miriam Alario

    Not to mention that Christians are not the standard for fidelity and honesty. Baker, Fallwell and the likes, take notice…

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