WTF of the Week: Blaming the Victim

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Have you ever been in a shouting match? On several occasions in my life I have been in situations where a simple disagreement has turned into a shouting match. I have had someone in my face yelling at me. You know what happens to me? I forget how to speak English and suddenly suffer from Spanish Tourette’s Syndrome. Why am I saying this? Simple. Perez Hilton was punched in the face last weekend. An attack that was preceded by Will.I.Am. getting in Perez’s face at two separate venues (stalking much Willy?) and shouting for respect. The fact that he didn’t hit Perez after being ‘disrespected’ and his road manager did makes this even more random and bizarre.  

Since the attack, everyone has weighed in on this on the side of ‘Karma’ or focusing on what Perez called Will.I.Am.. WTF!!!   

I suppose if he had been wearing a short skirt he would have deserved to be raped too? No one deserves to be hit. Even GLAAD jumped on the Victim Bashing Bandwagon by asking Perez to take back the derogatory ‘f’ word for same sex proclivity. No condemnation for the attack. Just don’t say that word which is apparently the new ‘n’ word. Lest I forget that even John ‘the douchbag’ Mayer channeled his inner Zen master and took to Twitter to school Perez on what he should have done and about karma. Mayer, I suppose your Karma will come in penicillin vials and a thorough ass kicking by a gang of pissed women. 

‘He had it coming’, ‘It was a matter of time’… I’m sure Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons were frequently beat up for outing people and calling them names.  And I think I read somewhere that Cindy Adams recently was kicked in the nuts by Zsa Zsa Gabor. 

I’m truly sickened by this. This is why we still have domestic violence. This is why Chris Brown had people still talking to him saying ‘That Rihanna is a bitch and shouldn’t have …’ So everybody watch your tongue. Anything you say will be held against you and apparently will absolve your attacker of any blame.  

Will.I.Am. shame on you, you funny looking little butt plug. Come and get me you black leprechaun.


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