WTF of the Week: Bill O’Reilly

  Now, imagine him smacking the monkey.

This week Bill O’Reilly needed to warn us about the increasing ease with which to locate soft porn on the internet. To show this, he carefully pieced together a montage of girly clips from stripping to girl on girl action. There were no men depicted in this clip. He regretted having to do this but it is important to ‘save our kids’.  

O.K., is it just me or did you feel you just got to see an old guy get off? This wasn’t a news story, this was a wanking video and O’Reilly has taken exhibitionism to a new level. If you have any form of dirty mind (which I am proud to say that my dirty mind has advanced degrees) you can easily imagine this old fuck checking his ratings and seeing how many people he just flashed and getting off again! Didn’t you see the lotion on his desk? 

Sorry, I made the last bit up but I don’t think I’m wrong on this. One of the obvious reasons was what he showed. I could see the production meeting now, ‘I want to do a story on internet soft porn like on YouTube and stuff. No need for research. I’ll email you my favorite links.’ 

There is lots of titty on the internet. This is true but there is almost as much or more men showing their naughty bits on camera. Are all men flashers? I have never shown my titties on camera. Wait a sec, once, but it was totally tasteful, sort of. But going and recording yourself stripping or jacking off without the hopes of payment takes self absorption to a new level. This is what the story should have been about. Have we become this lonely and in need of contact, that even the cyber kind will bring us some satisfaction? I know we all want friends. I mean I’ll be anyone’s Facebook friend (hint hint) but I’ll save my titties and diddling for the privacy of my own bedroom. 

Make friends, get a hobby, feed a shut in or something. If not, Bill O’Reilly will be downloading you into his i-phone and watching you over and over again until his lube or Kleenex run out.  

There, that image should stop everyone from doing that ever again!


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