WTF of the Week: Airplane Overshot

Do you ever wonder what they do in there?

          We like to argue. A good debate can be as good as sex if you do it right. We aren’t talking about fighting and arguing for the sake of being right and establishing dominance. We’re talking about intellectuals weighing pros and cons, making arguments, rebuttals and counter plans.

          So did you hear the one about the pilots who overshot their destination by over 150 miles because they were arguing about the airline’s policy? Yeah, the whole country was on alert because these two dipshits decided that, while ferrying 144 people 37,000 feet above the world from San Diego to Minneapolis, they should get into an argument about policy that they have no control of. Our first reaction is WTF?! Overshot?! It took air controllers from both San Diego and Minneapolis, FAA officials and pilots flying close to the airbus to get the attention of these two master debaters.

          So our first question is: What was the company hot button these two were arguing about? Is Delta planning on using discarded children and elderly as airplane fuel? Are they quibbling about whether one can land the plane with one arm behind their backs or their eyes closed? Are they even debating the age old question, dry roasted vs. honey roasted peanuts? Nah. It was just a policy argument that had them completely disregard the flashing lights on their instrument panel or the chatter on their radio. 

          If we didn’t know better, we would think these two guys were either napping or fucking. Sorry, just calling it like we see it. You see, if you sleep, your eyes are closed and when you fuck you don’t care what’s going on around you. Now we have been involved in some good discussions and Lee, as a therapist, has been in touchy situations where being attentive was a matter of life or death but even a simple cell phone would cause some interruption followed by an ‘Excuse me, we can pick this up in a minute.’

          So dear readers, when deciding to travel and you are debating the pros and cons, please add to the list of worries, which already includes terrorists, airborne viruses, whiney kids, drunken pilots, bitchy flight attendants, no leg room and older planes, the possibility distractibility of pilots by conversation like little kids with ADHD on a field trip to Disneyland.

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