WTF – More bad press for raccoons


Hey baby, want ta have a good time?

Hey baby, wanna have a good time?

A drunken man in Russia recently was wondering what it would feel like to have a raccoon blow him. So he tried to find out. We wish we could make up shit like this.  As expected, the raccoon was not into oral on the first date and bit off the man’s member.

What have we learned?

1)   No teeth. Next time think squid.

2) Brokering sexual favors from giant rats is precarious. Next time try Minney. She puts out.

Ps. Ladies, don’t get all high and mighty. You know those rumors about the dog and the peanut butter came from somewhere.


  • Hinchey

    hhhahaahaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaa! How is he catch the raccoon and subdue it long enough to get his pants down.

    Did you read about the helicopter pilot who is under investigation because a porn actress blew him while flying? Seems he let his “copter” be used for a porn set and as a thank you, the actress blew him. Her comment was it was very quick because he was all worked up from the scene. So not only is he going to lose his license but everyone on the internet knows he is a premature ejaculator.

  • Andy

    Squids have beaks, and some have tentacles whose suckers are lined with teeth. I don’t think he would have fared better.

  • Pamala Burg

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