Wings Of Nature

          We sit and write all day. This year we committed ourselves to eating healthy which included having a healthy, fiber-filled breakfast and sticking to only healthy snacks. Thanks to Wings of Nature we have found a new product to add to our healthy snack repertoire. Wings of Nature bars are a healthy choice when you want something sweet. The health bars have no refined sugar, gluten free and have zero trans fats. They are all natural and a mix of fruits, nuts and grains. What this doesn’t sound yummy to you?

          Well, when people tell us something has no refined sugar we usually wince because then the next sentence is that they used some artificial stuff to add sweetness. We hate that stuff! These healthy bars have none of that! They are sweetened with fruit and you taste every yummy bit of it. Our favorite part is that you can taste everything in the bar. The almond, raisin bar was especially delicious. It was crunchy, sweet and had a great taste of almonds, raisins and sesame. We loved them!

          Thanks to Fresh Harvest Products Inc for sending us a sample of each flavor (3 bars). No cash exchanged hands for this review and it wouldn’t have changed how yummy these bars are.

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