Why Am I Voting For Obama?

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Voting is something I have never taken lightly. My parents escaped Cuba so that their children could have the freedom to speak their mind and live a life of their choosing. Of course, with parents like mine, being outspoken was not a choice but a genetic imperative.

As a younger person, I voted but in retrospect, my votes were just echoes of the rhetoric I heard at home. The Left was communist and we must make sure never to go the way of the homeland. The Right was right. I recall many instances of having to explain to my father the nuances of the First Amendment when he felt that the press was too harsh on President Reagan.  I tried to point out that not reporting the truth or allowing the federal government to quash stories was tantamount to an Orwellian existence and Fascism was just the other extreme of what he experienced. My father, who nearly died because of his Contra-Revolutionary activities in Cuba, only could see that Left was wrong.

Today, as a woman, wife, mother of 3, the echoes of my parent’s experience still rings in my ears but my life and loves are more important.

Simply put, these are the reasons I will vote for President Barrack Obama:

1. President Obama has ensured me and my family insurance. I have fibromyalgia and have been denied insurance. My husband hurt his back several years ago and has been denied insurance. Our daughter is legally blind, suffered a stroke at birth and, as an adult, was denied insurance. President Obama’s Affordable Care Act made sure that my family will have the medical help it needs.

2. President Obama believes that a man has no business making decisions about the reproductive rights of a woman. One thing is to say you believe a woman has the right to choice but another is to believe that a bureaucrat has no business imposing his views on the subject.

3. President Obama is trustworthy. There is a certain emotional part of your choice for a candidate. I believe that I can trust Obama to think of my family when he makes a decision. I believe that Obama is a man of integrity and tremendous fortitude because no other president in my lifetime has endured the amount of paranoid conspiracy ramblings and racist slings and arrows as our President. The sheer will power he has shown not to react to the constant bombardment of the extreme racism is a mark of a man who knows who he is. In fact, the manner in which he can laugh and joke about these people shows a human being who has a real heart.

4. President Obama believes that marriage is a right that should be afforded to all. Believing in Marriage Equality means that my friends can get married and enjoy the same benefits the rest of us already have. That is true equality not dictated by any religious agenda and bigotry.

5. President Obama is not trying to redefine rape, believes in equal pay, respects women and their right to privacy, has daughters, does not belong to a church that relegates women to the back of a room while the men-folk talk or that a woman can only attain salvation through her husband, does not place women in a binder, does not swear to overturn Roe v. Wade, does not choose a running mate that believes that rape is “just another method of conception”, support a candidate with a paid TV ad who believes that God intended for a women to become pregnant from a rape, does not lie without shame, does not allow his surrogates to perpetrate and perpetuate lies on his behalf, does not strap a dogr to the roof of his car, does not bully the gay guy in school by forcibly shaving his head, mentions the troops and believes in taking care of our veterans, acts like a leader who makes the decisions even if they are not popular or motivated or dictated by billionaire puppeteers.

On November 6, 2012, I will vote for President Barack Obama because he is a man with principles, morals and conviction and not an empty suit who is trying to pass as human.

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