Who Does Romney Speak For?

To coalesce all the outrage of this election season into a few days is tough enough. Luckily, because of so many ‘misstatements’ and lapses in ‘eloquence’, we have a few whoppers such as Mitt and the 47%.

You know who is in the 47%? Seniors, people who make under $20,000, OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN, the poor, students and others. The others are people who shelter their money off shore to avoid those pesky taxes. You know those individuals who hide their money in the Caymans and other tax shelter havens.

These victims that he speaks of with disdain who feel that they are entitled to healthcare and housing and food and ‘you name it’ are primarily our seniors who built this country.

Mitt does not speak for the 47%. He does not speak for the 53%. He speaks for the fraction of 1% who have over 100 million dollars. That is who he speaks for.

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