Who Do You Trust?

Real Relationship Advice (with a global view)

We contend that we are in relationship with everything. You are in relationship with your community, your job and your country and, if so, this entire election season has been a very long, drawn out process of playing “The Bachelor” with America. In the beginning we had a bunch of choices from the right ranging from a homophobic extremist to a Pizza Mogul and even a woman! Now we are down to the final two. We take them home to meet our parents and then we need to make a decision.

It comes down to ‘who do you trust?’ Do you trust a man who you have seen for the last four years working for our country and getting things done? Or, do you trust a man who won’t give us his tax returns, knowing he keeps his money all over the world in different tax havens and pays less than 14%, he cannot stand by his own record, cannot repeat the same thing twice and, at this point, what we do know about him is that he will say anything to become president? So, do you trust the guy who you know who will not pander to you or the guy who will say anything to fuck you?

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