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If Sigmund Freud was alive today, and we aren’t sure his head isn’t frozen somewhere, he would add whitewashing to his defense mechanisms. Whitewashing is a vile term used to describe the act of excising historical facts so as to not upset or offend anyone. In fact, what we are seeing in this country on a daily basis is this brain-washing taking effect as teachers are forced to teach history books that have been revamped by education boards who aren’t too happy with the less savory things of history. In other words, what will our children think if they found out that this country has systematically oppressed minorities?

Who are we kidding here? For example, the Texas Education Board has been the focus of many watchful eyes. They have had Education Commissioners propose such idiotic things as moving to strike the language “racial, ethnic, gender and religious,”  and just referring to them as “various groups” when discussing the fight for freedom. In other words, the civil rights movement and the suffragettes would be reduced to a phrase in a history class, barely a blip in the evolution of this country. One of the arguments for this new language is so that the teachers could focus more on the concept of the melting pot. The problem with this is obvious. It took a whole helluva lot a time between the African Americans entering the pot to actually begin to coalesce into a soup. And, lest we forget, this type of blind eyed vision of America the beautiful will never allow someone to draw parallels to the plight of women and blacks with gays today. We wouldn’t want the homos to figure out that we’ve been doing it since we signed the constitution.

How about the asshole who rewrote Huck Finn minus the n word? Why would someone need to sanitize an iconic book that is a snapshot of a point in time in our nation’s history? The reason the author gave was that it offended African Americans. I think African Americans would be more offended if our children were taught that slaves always hung out with white adolescents and traveled through the Mississippi River freely. That is the thrust of this. The n word for all its offensiveness is a reality as to the past, and to some citizens the present, of this country. It is disgusting to pretend we were not using this word to not offend a minority. What’s next? The Ku Klux Klan was a bookclub?

This need to purify our history is based on a deep seated shame. And shame, like most yucky feelings, makes us do stupid things such as pretend that the Holocaust did not happen. But we must fight these people tooth and nail. We must put the n word back in Huck Finn. We must not allow Rednecks to rewrite history books and refer to Evolution as a ‘way out there theory’ (Rick Perry). We must discuss with our children the plight of minorities in this country and that the home of the free and the brave only referred to white men for a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggg time.

We must never let the ‘good intentions’ of some to tweak the wording in some of our history to turn slaves into under-paid contracted employees with no benefits and the occasional whipping just because the truth is ugly. The truth is ugly but white washing it is sickening.  Thus the quote ‘and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ George Santayana was a smart guy. And guess what? He wasn’t an American. This need to return to the good old days is just an elaborate scheme to infantilize a population. Let’s all be babies and believe that the gold fish in the bowl is the same one from 2 years ago. Let not the unsightliness of violence, death and despair taint our view of amber waves of grain. That’s what these white washers have in mind. The world is a nutty, crazy, dirty, groovy place and you can’t have the beauty without appreciating the under-belly.

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