Which One Is Hitler?

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Welcome to another week of CoupleDumb. If you are anything like us and you probably are since we aren’t aliens or complete weirdoes, you are probably overwhelmed. We have a gazillion things going on right now and frankly, are finding it really hard to not be experiencing a little Work ADD. You know the symptoms. Can’t concentrate. A little irritable. Going off on a tangent. Well that is us and so this week, we embrace our Work ADD and are doing a Free For All week. Yes, it is a theme less week that we are labeling anyway. Back off, this is how we file the stuff. Today, Lee gets to go off on one of her tangential rants.

Lee rants: Have you been watching the news lately? I swore years ago during a time where I was grounded, my Kundalini was flowing and my heart chakra was bursting with love that I would no longer damage my aura with the negative energy generated by the news. In laymen’s terms, news was icky and it made me feel bad. I figured I would read it instead. I still get the information because I am not a total ostrich but I didn’t need to see the images or hear the inane banter and supposed non-bias commentary of the talking head.

Regardless of how I tried, the images seeped into my unconscious mind and soon I was baffled by a recurring image I kept seeing. I would see signs likening people to Hitler, referring to Hitler and Nazis or just the little Hitler like ‘stache on faces. I thought to myself, ’Holy shit! Is someone reviving the ideas of Adolph and resurrecting the psychotic’s ideas of the Aryan Race and complete world domination through a fascist government?’ So, to assuage my fears I watched some Beck, Olberman, Maddow and O’Reilly. Yes, I watched TV like a good middle of the road kind of person. What I found was that people had completely lost their fucking minds and I was better off shutting off the TV, sealing the house and taking the family far from here. Maybe rural Canada.

I kept seeing the Tea Baggers with their signs likening Obama to Hitler and calling him a communist. Perhaps I was out of the loop to long. Did the Congress at some point allow lead into our water again? Because these claims are so fucking outrageous that I am impressed these people can even walk upright! I don’t care about your politics you crazy Tea Baggers but for the love of God (who, if the signs are correct, is a tea bagger too), get your history straight.

Hitler was a bad guy with a deep seeded inferiority complex who was born in Austria which also happens to be where his dreams of being an artist were crushed by an abusive father who was fiercely Austrian and a dumb ass government worker who wanted Adolph to follow in his footsteps as an underpaid clerk but Adolf instead wrote a little book called Mein Kampf and then he went to Germany and took over the country and created the Nazi party which believed only really white people should be alive and Jews and Catholics and Homos and anybody else who was not on board with his whitey take-over should be rounded up, experimented on like animals and killed and flopped into mass graves. Historically, Hitler is the Jew Killer. Hitler is synonymous with concentration camps and World War II. Hitler is the CEO of Hell. Hitler is the head of the Nazis which is the National Socialist German Workers Party. Don’t get the name all confused. Hitler and his Nazis were fascist. He was not a communist or socialist which should have been obvious with the whole Jew round up.

So my request is simple. If you want to say that someone is a communist, find a picture of a communist! Maybe you can use Stalin or Lenin or Marx. However, I realize you are too stupid to know the difference. Everyone has seen the studies, which show that most Americans don’t know history so you use the only villainous historical figure you know, Hitler; the idiots go-to bad guy.

I admit I am a bit of an intellectual and a snob. I can read, do math, breath with my mouth closed and have an understanding of American and World history. However, I am not asking you to be ready for fucking Jeopardy and spout off dates to the Treaty of Versailles or who was Charlemagne. I just want you guys to think before you put up stupid, confusing images that just make you look more idiotic. I mean, come on people, Tea Baggers? You’re OK with the name being synonymous with testicles slapping your face or dropped into your mouth? If you are then maybe this whole point was moot and you should go back to eating your paint chips and drinking water out of rusty pipes.

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