When trying to conceive isn’t easy

We were an infertile couple until…well, we were not infertile anymore and a baby popped out. We did the whole infertility thing as well as the pregnancy thing. Being pregnant is a lot easier than getting pregnant once the stress starts.

Getting pregnant may not be always easy for all couples. There are some couples who are trying to conceive for quite a long time without success. One of the most important things to know in trying to conceive is by being able to determine when you ovulate. Pregnancytips.org say that knowing when you ovulate increases your chances of getting pregnant greatly. There are several ways to check ovulation; one of those is by checking your cervical mucus.

If you are into checking your cervical mucus daily, you know that cervical mucus change from time to time. The color of the cervical mucus may vary from light pink to light brown to yellowish to white. What we are looking for is an egg-white cervical mucus: it is stretchy and very clear. When you see that, that most probably means you’re ovulating. Cervical mucus is designed to be like that during ovulation to help the sperm get to the egg faster for more chances of conceiving.

Good luck.

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