When To Remove A Tattoo

Many people have gotten tattoos in the last few decade. Even though we know that tattoos are permanent, many folk think that a little ink is a small price to pay for love. However, we know that love can be a temporary affliction for some and yet the ink is a constant reminder of lover or period of your life that is best forgotten. This is why laser tattoo removal is becoming such an important and necessary service. Like tattoo artists, not all tattoo removal is as professional as Clarkston Dermatology.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Going to a professional dermatologist for laser hair removal or tattoo removal in Michigan is simple. There are many that offer these services like hair salons and even some tattoo shops. However, letting someone use an industrial laser on you is tricky and requires a trained and skilled professional. Having a dermatologist perform these tasks is recommended since they understand skin and how the laser will affect it. Yes, you may end up removing hair or tattoo but you can also end up with scarring that just makes it all look worse. Everyone is trying to save a buck but in cases of skin-care or even cool sculpting, the non-surgical fat reduction technique that uses cold to freeze the fat, going to a professional physician is advised.

I remember getting my first tattoo and seeing my cousin a couple of months afterwards. My Mother had to tell him that I had a tattoo. My cousin, a dermatologist, informed me that when I was ready, he would gladly remove it for me. I never took him up on that but this opened up the conversation to other services that dermatologists do go beyond what we know as lay folk. It behooves us to investigate this especially if we are considering tattoo removal, laser hair removal or coolsculpting.

Today, we have so many options out there to express ourselves. A tattoo is something very personal and should be something we are happy to wear for the rest of our lives. In the off-chance that you get a tattoo that loses its meaning or becomes a subject of shame, then please, go see your dermatologist to clean the slate.

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