What we are thankful for

Next, the cat gives the dog a tuberculosis covered dog bone and the rest is history.

          Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you are outside of the United States, today we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. The one day of the year where we try to put aside our typical self entitled attitude and attempt to thank the peons who make it all possible for us all year long. To celebrate, we murder a fowl, stuff it with whatever tickles our fancy from pork to fungus to stale bread, make many dishes with tubers from the starchy to the sweet and end it all with a veggie pie. The King and Queen of CoupleDumb have decided to take this opportunity to share what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving. So grab another slice of pumpkin pie and fight the urge to sleep as we unveil the CoupleDumb Thanks (fill-in-the-blank)  List:

          Lee: I would like to thank Jeannie for growing up before my eyes. When we started this humble blog on January 19th of this year, Jeannie was a little girl and now she is a smart ass young lady! I feel we have grown closer and yet I am stung by the realization that I only have another year and a half before you are off to college. Thank you baby for making a better Mommy whether you believe that or not. 

          Paul: Apparently, I’m thankful for my boys even though they are pains in the ass. 

          Lee: I am thankful for my boys who remind me everyday that girls are far superior and boys are icky. 

          Paul: I am thankful for the opportunities that we have had and will continue to receive. 

          Lee and Paul: We are thankful for Alex our nephew who keeps our masthead fresh and our P.R. fresher. 

          Lee and Paul: We are thankful for Monica who is the prettier half of our P.R. team. Your support and encouragement is always couched in equal parts flattery and harshness. Just right. 

          Lee: I’d like to thank my Mom. Even though she really has no idea what we are doing, she is cute about it. 

          Lee: I’d like to thank my father who instilled in me a love of reading that I have carried forth into my adult life and passed to my kids. 

          Paul: I am thankful for my parents, especially my Mom who is surprisingly optimistic about my career as a writer.

          Lee: I’d like to thank my sister Aidi and Georgie, my little brother, for being the best siblings a hugely talented woman can ever hope for.

          Lee: I’d like to thank Mari from J-Bug Jewelry for keeping me cute and blinged out. Oh and for her undying support and color commentary during our special events.

          Lee and Paul: We want to thank Bob and his rambling comments that sometime reveal more about him than we really wanted to know.

          Lee: I am thankful for my fellow bloggers and writers out there (Mary Mac, Melanie, Alejandra, Anne) who have been supportive.

          Lee: I am thankful for technology for making this all possible. Sure, in a few years when we are all wearing explosive collars and electrified nipple clamps we may regret it, but right now, it’s great!

          Lee and Paul: Thank you to our readers and supporters. (Please forgive us if we forget someone)- Mari, Susan, Patricia, David, Leah, Mike, Miriam, Jennifer, Aidi, Devi…You make all of this possible and we thank you.

           Lee: Mostly, I thank my husband, editor, lover, best friend and partner who makes my coffee every morning with extra love. You make being overwhelmed a pleasant experience and I love being on this ride with you.   

           Paul: I am thankful to my love who makes it easy to be married, to my boss and underling since she is the CEO of this operation and my executive assistant, to my partner in crime (people, you don’t know the half of it) and to my best friend.

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