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It has taken me forever to write this review for the simple fact that we do not get sick. We were sent Maty’s Breathe Better Nasal Ointment and Cold-Eeze to try out and they sat there for a couple of months. We always try to be honest with our reviews so I was not willing to just write something. So I waited for the kids to bring home the inevitable cold from school. It did not happen until a couple of weeks ago, when the combo of stress and virus brought down the immunity enough for us to feel the sniffles begin.

Let’s start with Maty’s Breathe Better Nasal Ointment. I gave that to the boys right away. It is used to create a health nasal environment and it can be used by both children and adults. Once the boys started to sniffle, I need to remove the possibility of allergies from the equation. So the nasal ointment was applied using a Q-tip. The stuff worked great on the non-sniffly ones but the boys obviously had a virus.

So we moved on to the Cold-Eeze which can be used on kids older than 12 and adults or kids under 12 with permission of our healthcare provider. We called the doctor and he said to give it a try. The whole family did the Cold-Eeze. Understand that Lee and I have roots in experimental science. We can give you anecdotal evidence that it works but, without doing a double blind experiment with a huge population sample, we do not know for certain. What we can say is that it tasted good. This is important because I gave it to the boys and they liked it and, more importantly, Lee was ok with it. This is huge since she is the most difficult patient in the family.

Thank you for the sample of Maty’s Breathe Better and of Cold-Eeze.

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