What I Want For Christmas

Are you ready for the Holidays! I am and I have my list ready for Santa along with the links. (I assume that Old Saint Nick uses every avenue available to him to get the nice kids what they want.) Some things on my list I could not wait for so I went ahead and got it for myself. I’m uppity like that.

1. ‘Bridesmaid’ DVD

This is one of the funniest movies of the year. I laughed at the most inappropriate stuff. These are the comedy genius’ of our time. Watch for Melissa McCarthy who is a hoot! The entire scene where they throw out suggestions for the Bachelorette party had me rolling (Female Fight Club!).

2. Anything with a chocolate diamond

I’m a girl. I like shiny things. I think the idea of chocolate and diamonds together just makes me tingle! I think the color and brilliance is gorgeous and would gladly wear one. They don’t seem over the top and fake like other colors of diamonds.

3. Peace Aum Stonewashed Handbag Purse

I love all these bohemian style purses which are usually made out of recycled material and have some symbol on it. They have lots of room, are comfortable to wear over the shoulder or across the body and are very colorful. I like them. I have 3 of them. I would take more.

4.  Nostalgia Electrics BSM-300 4-in-1 Bakery Bites Express

It looks like an easy bake oven and is more convenient. You can make dessert for one evening and have no left overs. Let’s be honest, I can resist for 1 night but when the tasty dessert sits there, taunting me, I tend to cave.

5. Keen’s Auburn Womens Boot

These look warm and comfy. Right now with high winds and the temp feeling like 20 something, warm is really sexy. In fact, keeping my toes sounds really sexy.

6. A years supply of Topricin

I received a sample of these creams (Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream product samples ­ Topricin Classic, Topricin Junior and Topricin Foot Therapy). Paul and I have used it and we were both really impressed with how well it relieved the pain without that messy, oily feeling and the relief lasted for hours! Yell it from the highest mountains that you don’t have to smell like an old person or menthol to get pain relief!  (We received samples of Topricin for review. All opinions are ours.)

If you get stuck on what to get me…er..the woman in your life, books, gift cards and booze are always good choices.


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