What Does A Watch Mean?

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The reasons for having a watch have changed dramatically over the years. A watches as a timepiece is no longer as necessary as it was in, say, the 1800’s. If you were a proper gentleman or lady of the turn of the century, the only hope of knowing the time came from your own personal timepiece or your ability to read the position of the sun.

Now things are different. We have cell phones with clocks in them. Our cars have clocks. The bottom right hand corner of most computers show the time on a consistent and accurate bases. If the sun stopped shining, we would still look to our technology and agree on a uniform time. Yet we still have watches.

Having a watches, whether it is a ladies watch or a man’s, means something more than chronology. As a gift, they say something about the giver, the receiver and the relationship. A gift like the Traser H3 Watches speaks to the intimacy that we have with the person to whom we are giving the watch. We write a relationship blog and we know that there are messages in everything that we do. Watches, with all of their varieties of style and look, have so many messages and meta messages. You can say ‘I like the way you look’ or you can say ‘I love you and want to spend this time with you’.

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