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          When you rang in the New Year, did you make a resolution to have more sex? You may not want to admit it but over 51% of people surveyed did! And, over 82% of people indicated that they wished their sex life were more exciting.  And, sadly, over 20% of respondents stated that their sex life was unsatisfying. We should never base our relationships on sex but we must acknowledge that having a healthy and fulfilling sex life accentuates a relationship. In other words, it may not be the main course but it is the dessert!

          Being relationship experts, we are approached by a lot of cool companies that ask us to test out their products. Because we are professionals and feel a deep responsibility to our readers, we try out these cool products just to tell you whether they are worth the expense. Some products are not worth mentioning and then some come along that, for lack of a better way to say it, rock our world!

          Wet personal lubricants are the best lubricant on the market. We had a chance to sample their Synergy product. They sent us the Synergy –Cool Tingle and the regular one. Since our previous experience with tingling had led us to create vocabulary such as ‘minty muff’, we tried the regular stuff first. So, how do you describe a lubricant without making it sound yucky?

          Wet Synergy is thicker than your average water based lubricant. It is reported to last 3 times longer because it is a water and silicone lubricant. It goes on thicker but it still retains the spreadability of less viscous lubes. This lube was obviously made for Olympic sex where the events were the marathon and gymnastics. Unlike other products that tend to lose all viscosity after a couple of minutes, Wet Synergy lasts until you wash it off. Clean up was easy as it is with any water-based gel.

          The cool tingle provided just that without overwhelming all the nether region sensations. It accompanied the ecstasy instead of taking over.  Synergy Cool Tingle is like the regular lube with a splash of minty freshness. It was a nice change while still providing long-lasting lubrication.

          If you have a minute, check out the Wet website. This company is committed to keeping us lubed up. You can even purchase gallon bottles of the original Wet formula! That has to be some wishful thinking for a regular guy but good economical sense for a couple committed to making 2011 a GREAT YEAR! Drop cloth not included.

          Thanks to Wet for providing us with a couple of bottles of their Synergy product. We will be using this long after this review goes up. As always, CoupleDumb is very opinionated and we take our opinion as seriously as you do so we never, ever sell out for some free stuff. Even if the stuff rocks our world and makes us change how we view lube, life and the world as we know it.

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