Were you taught to be happy?

CoupleDumb created a happiness manifesto several years ago. To that end, we continue to explore what makes life worth living. As we embrace Positive Psychology and the influence of the founders and researchers begin to permeate our society, we continually ask ourselves, ‘why aren’t more people happy?’ We think the answer is quite simple. We don’t think people know what that means!

Were you trained to be a blue ball?

Let’s face it, our parents are from a generation that had no clue what happiness was and probably thought that happiness was an unrealistic goal for life. Truth be told, our parents never had any good advice when it came to making life worth living. One side was terrified of change while the other believed that anxiety was a normal way of being. It is a wonder that we are as happy as we are!

So we have to ask our readers….what were the messages of happiness you received from your parents and family?

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