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We have had a few occasions where we needed to find nice dresses. Being that we write a relationship site that talks about weddings, we sometimes review the accouterments that go with a wedding. Or, for that matter, any big occasion. Today we are reviewing the dress website, Dress First. On the times when we needed dresses, we moved heaven and earth to find the right one. For example, for our daughter’s prom, it was a family event. All of the women of the family came together to find the best dress for our daughter’s form, skin tone and attitude. It was a huge undertaking.

Black dress

DressFirst would have made it so much easier. They have prom dresses, homecoming dresses, and cocktail dresses. The prices are reasonable. Looking at the site, there is an evening gown for under $160 that is very pretty.

For CoupleDumb, we need to look at the wedding dresses and the bridesmaid dresses. Of course we need to give the important wedding advice first. Marriage is not about the wedding. Make the wedding beautiful and wonderful for your memories but know that the actual focus is to create a foundation for a brilliant marriage, one with love and happiness at every turn.Champagne wedding dress

That being said, Dress First has some beautiful wedding dresses. One of them under their best seller list is prices under $300. It is full length with a train. That is a good deal. Likewise they have bridesmaid’s dresses. It really changes the way a potential bride can arrange a wedding when she can hoop on a website and browse wedding dresses. With a click, she can send the picture of the dress to all of her friends for feedback. This allows her to communicate of the most important parts of wedding planning with her bridesmaids, even if they are 2000 miles away.

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