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We use WordPress for all of our sites. I like WordPress because it has a lot of functionality. Since I have a programming background, I like that I can make it do anything that I want. The one downside is that the information codex sucks. That is why I am forever asking questions and looking for some type of Webmaster Questions and Answers to problems that I have with programming or plugins.

Generally my WordPress issues are syntax. That is to say, that I do not know how to write something so that the computer understands it. It is equivalent to saying that I do not know how to spell with respect to computer language. One of the problems that I am having right now is that I want to have follow buttons in the header. I can put them at the top but they keep moving around on me depending on what display settings and browser the user has.

Since my computer issues are specific, it is easier if I can post my problem on a bulletin board, add some of the offending code, and let others help me out. Remember that this is just Lee and I doing everything and we wear a lot of hats. The more help I can get on programming, the more I can devote myself to writing.

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